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Jesus the Truth

Some excellent thoughts from my friend,  MadDawg Scientist

Jesus the Truth.


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Bethel Blog

By Allan Lopez

Physicists tell us pressure is the amount of unit force acting per unit area.  What usually determines the force that acts on a given area is the amount of collisions that atoms have with the surface and against one another.  This is a very scientific way to look at it.  On the practical level, when we say that we are experiencing much pressure, it is usually because we are being bombarded from all sides with different issues.  As you can see, this is not much different from the scientific explanation.

So what happens when great pressure is applied?  That depends.  Sometimes things break, but many times pressure produces beautiful things.  Think of the chisel that applies pressure to the rugged stone in the hands of Michelangelo.  Think of the pressure applied to coal in the process of making diamonds.  We can look back through history and see…

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