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The fact that our country has taken the turn that it has is quite deplorable, but Christians, let’s face it, Romans 8:28 should be our comfort, and Isaiah 35:4 , Deuteronomy 31:6 our strength.


Here are a couple of quotes from an article that I believe is very real in its assessment of current events.


“These threats may bring about in the church a much-needed change of mindset. It’s time we recognized we are no longer the “moral majority” and embrace our identity as the “missional minority.”

My friends in Great Britain and Romania tell me it’s a noble task to serve Christ when you are clearly in the minority. Though the challenges often seem insurmountable, God’s people have the opportunity to learn how to love those who oppose us, to serve and suffer under governmental or cultural bigotry, and face hatred with respect and kindness. So let’s recognize our minority status and learn to serve those who we’re called to show God’s love.”


Read the whole article here: Why Gay Marriage is Good and Bad for the Church



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Just about the clearest, most concise explanation of Baptism I’ve ever heard:



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His Day

It is his day
But he’s not here

The lips, they say
“It has to be”

The heart, it fights
Holds on to he

The one whose heart
Could not repeat

Though shadows remain
It’s not enough

For he’s not here
Though ’tis his day

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