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What is your Red Sea?




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“My Train Wreck Conversion” is the second article I’ve read this month written by a gay or lesbian. The first was Shane Windmeyer, leader of  LGBT, opening up about his friendship with Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-a. This article by Rosaria Butterfield is about how a pastor and his wife befriended her. What is something both these friendships had in common? The Christians, while never wavering in their convictions that homosexuality is a sin, did not start by mocking and condemning them. In fact, Rosaria tells us how Ken acted:

He did not mock. He engaged. So when his letter invited me to get together for dinner, I accepted. My motives at the time were straightforward: Surely this will be good for my research.

Something else happened. Ken and his wife, Floy, and I became friends. They entered my world. They met my friends. We did book exchanges. We talked openly about sexuality and politics. They did not act as if such conversations were polluting them. They did not treat me like a blank slate. When we ate together, Ken prayed in a way I had never heard before. His prayers were intimate. Vulnerable. He repented of his sin in front of me. He thanked God for all things. Ken’s God was holy and firm, yet full of mercy. And because Ken and Floy did not invite me to church, I knew it was safe to be friends.

Many Christians avoid homosexuals like the plague. There is very little kindness or generosity shown to them, only a direct confrontation of their sin. Perhaps, as these two individuals demonstrate, a much better witness to Christianity is to befriend them, set the foundation of a relationship, and through your actions and conversations show Christ-like love and forgiveness to them. Before calling them names and automatically sending them to Hell in your book, recall that it was not to the prostitutes that Jesus called names but to the Pharisees, those who considered themselves holy. (Matt 23:15-34 for anyone who wants to read up on that).

Read the rest of Rasaria Butterfield’s testimony here:


And Shane Windmeyer’s here:



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This is who we are as Christians: we are transformers of culture. If we suddenly discover that policies are beginning to be adopted and passed which battle against our deepest convictions, then we need to recognize that for what it is: a sign that we are losing our influence as transformers of culture. Should we not, then, rekindle our desire to be the church, to live as countercultural people of love? Should we not take a good, hard look at our Christian witness, and see what actually reflects the God we love? Should we not first look at ourselves and be convicted that we have become complacent and lazy, content to rest in a “Christian nation”, and failing to take seriously the call of Christ? Culture is not transformed by imposing political agendas; politics are transformed by an imposing culture.

40 Years Later: 3 Lessons Roe v Wade Teaches Us.





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As winter 2012 quickly turns into winter 2013, I seem to be constantly reminded of why Christ’s incarnation is so fittingly celebrated at this dreary time of year. For many parts of the world, winter is a time of death in nature. It is a time when things become ugly so that they may bud and grow again in the spring.

The past two Christmas seasons I have seen friends experience death in their families. Death comes to all, and winter is a reminder of this. Yet we celebrate life in the dead of winter, for this very reason: that death is not the end for those who are in Christ Jesus. Death is only a stepping stone into new life. All must die to live. We celebrate Christ’s coming in the winter because he brings life, and in this dismal time of year we need to be able to look at Christ’s birth and know that winter, death, is not the end. We need to know that there is hope, that we will grow and bloom in the spring, and one day there will be eternal spring. There will be no more death and tears and long winter nights.

As the death of winter wraps it’s icy fingers around you and chills you to the bone, remember that Christ was born to save us from our sins, to save us from death unto death. He came down to lead us to death unto life, and knowing this, we can endure a thousand winters with the hope of life in the spring.

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